Use VascuTherm to Reduce Pain After Surgery?

Ridgeline Medical offers iceless technology to reduce pain and swelling after surgery while preventing blood clots from forming during the non-ambulatory timeframe.
If you are having surgery and want to make your experience a pleasant recovery give us a call for details on how to get this unit delivered to your house!


Mastectomy Garments

Post-mastectomy can be quite challenging to any woman. Coping with an altered body condition, is emotionally and physically challenging.
Painful physical changes such as pain and scarring may change over time, but the emotional feeling that a woman cannot be the same as she was before is a difficult situation to deal with. Some of the alternatives that a woman can use to adapt after mastectomy surgery are discussed in this article.


Cold Compression Therapy

Have you gotten hurt after a sports activity? Have you undergone a surgery and looking for options for pain relief and faster healing?
Cryotherapy, or cold compression, is a therapy that you should consider as an aid for pain relief without any of the harmful side effects of pain relieving medications. Learn more about this amazing treatment as you scroll down this article.