Get Your Home Recovery Ready

Getting Surgery? Many People Forget to Consider the Set Up of Their Home for Recovery.
Remember you may not be able to do what you usually do for some time. Depending on your surgery- up to six weeks. Having your home in order will help eliminate some of the emotional stress. It will help you to feel prepared.


Pulsar Scientific | “Recovery +”

The DVTherapy features 4 pneumatic compressing ports for up to 4 individual compression chambers.
Bright, easy to read LED display. Reliable design with easy access to serviceable wear parts. This minimizes downtime and cost to distributors. The DVTherapy saves patient usage data to an internal SD card, allowing verification that the patient followed the prescribed therapy regimen.


Cold Compression Therapy

Have you gotten hurt after a sports activity? Have you undergone a surgery and looking for options for pain relief and faster healing?
Cryotherapy, or cold compression, is a therapy that you should consider as an aid for pain relief without any of the harmful side effects of pain relieving medications. Learn more about this amazing treatment as you scroll down this article.